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04-06-2013, 08:09 AM
dat kit bash....

Yeah. not a fan of the Ultimate kitbash. this has been suggested several times before to the same response. The game programing cannot handle such a design and they will have to scrap and rework the game from the ground up in order to do that.

The ship combat abilities and the ship's skins are on different systems. There is a limited way the game can handle ship layouts as gear and combat abilities. If you have a customizable Ship layout system, the game will have to have to have to load every single available combination of boff/console/weapons layout, plus the hull/shield/power layout combination available from all those combinations. This would also mean assigning stats and bonuses to each piece of an ship. So a whole new cluster**** of data will have to be thrown into the balance of the game issue.

The skins are a bit more flexible, but there is still a base assumption of where the center of your avatar (what you control in game) and offsets it X amount from that center to build the ship. Different ships models have different offsets for the nacelles and the necks. For example, the Luna class nacelles are tucked underneath the baseline, while the Constitution is set well above the baseline. The Sovereign and the Vesta have almost no neck between the saucer and the secondary hull, while the Constitution class has a really long neck. While you can remix some of the parts between the sets, the sets are matched up so the nacelles, saucer, and other things line up in about the same place of the model. Ultimate kitbashing would completely screw up that system, meaning either a complete retool of the ship's avatar system from the ground up. Or really REALLY bad avatars with floating or embedded parts and mismatched polygon grids with massive holes at the junctions.

Also, there are some HORRID kitbashes out there that no one in Utopia Planitia would allow to get past their doodles on toilet paper.