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04-06-2013, 07:48 AM
I've noticed the power drain is much more, but I didn't realize it was shooting 2 beams at once. I thought it would just fire as many beams as I had at random targets, so no more then 8 beams. I equipped a flow console to try to compensate.

What gets me here is that, the Devs spent time on this skill to "fix" it but did not fix it's cooldown. I've sent in game bug reports and a forum post about how this skills cooldown is incorrect when using 2 Beam: Fire at Will skills together. They should go into a 15 second cooldown on the "idle" or 2nd Beam: Fire at Will skill, but instead it goes into a 20 second cooldown. Now Cannon: scatter volley (when 2 are quipped) correctly go into a 15 second cooldown. Alowing a nice skill barrage of Tac Team, BFire at will, APBeta.

As it stands now my 2nd Tac Team and APBeta are ready, but my 2nd Beam Fire at will still has a 5 second cooldown.

So why does Cannon scatter volley work as intended, but Beam Fire at Will some how gets an extra 5 seconds added to it?