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I.K.S. jev mI'wI': "Now Arriving ... Day of Honor"

by Mike Tripp

jev-MD: 01.1638
Scene: Main Bridge, I.K.S. jev mI'wI'

Rha sat in the hard comfort of the centerseat, eyed the growing sphere on the large view screen.

QonoS, homeworld of the Klingon people and jewel of the Empire, grew larger on the display.

The elder Klingon warrior always relished this moment as it generally marked successful raids and battles ending in a triumphant return home.

Well home as in home of the Empire as the real homeworld for the House of Rha was Qah'tra III.

When his eyes drifted from the main viewer, they crossed each member of his senior staff as they manned their various stations all across the bridge.

A ragtag bunch of warriors, many were liberated Borg much like Rha himself. The others were equally ? how would the humans put it? ... outcasts and misfits.

However, this crew had just proven themselves on the field of battle in fighting back rebel Gorn attacking on the starbases belonging to the boq botlhra'ghom ... or in the human tongue ... Alliance Central Command.

The battle proved a worthy shakedown cruise for the I.K.S. jev mI'wI', aka. Storm Dancer, proving the heart of the Peghqu'-class heavy destroyer to be strong and true.

"General, we are receiving an open transmission from the I.K.S. bortaSqu' to all ships in the area," spoke the ships Andorian android bridge officer, Lildra. "They wish all a happy Honor Day and offer an open invitation to tour the Klingon flagship and meet the ship's senior staff."

"Is it Honor Day already?" Rha drummed his fingers on the arm of his chair, surprised but not surprised that he had forgotten what day it was.

"Send a response telling them that the crew of the jev mI'wI' will gladly take them up on their offer," he finally continued. "Helm, alter course to the location of the flagship."

The seasoned Klingon ship's captain then jabbed a control on the chair's arm.

"Rha to all hands," he said. "Glorious Honor Day to you all! ... For those interested, we have been granted the chance to board and tour the Klingon flagship and meet her crew upon docking."

<<to be continued>>


--- Lt. Gen. Rha
CO, I.K.S. jev mI'wI'
boq botlhra'ghom (Alliance Central Command)

----- OCC -----

Currently beginning a Klingon story arc for another of my characters and figure the current Honor Day celebration is a good place to begin.

A HUGE thank you to Cryptic for the Mogh-class battle cruiser!

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