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04-06-2013, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by insideyourmom View Post
the time and effort for the surveys are comparable to grinding for zen in game. If you get accepted into a survey, they can pay out nicely albeit rare.
I managed to get about 600 zen in the last 2 weeks without spending any money.
When I last tried the "Free Zen" content I pulled in over 13000 points, averaging 1500 points per activity. Some of the payouts were in excess of 6000 points - but this was before PWE Zen became the currency of STO (you know, when the C-Store worked in C-Points including the little icon).

The 6000+ payouts came from Credit Cards (all were Discover), but they never panned out.

By the way, great account name; reminds me of the self-serving profanity filter that PWE has running. You can't post the verbatim text of vulgar speech, player names, account names or ship names in a ticket and their GM's go all terrorist private mail bomber to "scare you into complying with PWE's sociopoltical censorship agenda". Fun stuff.