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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
You're right, I don't have stats. I have this, though.

"Romulan ships tend to be large and heavy, making them somewhat slower and less maneuverable than comparable Federation and Klingon Defense Force ships. The iconic D?deridex, for example, is larger and more resilient than the Galaxy ? but considerably slower as a result."

This is from Dev Blog 3.

Slow ships with cannons aren't as useful as fast ships with cannons. I don't think many people will argue with this, after all if you can't get the cannons aimed at the enemy they're useless. This is but one of the things that makes the JHAS so deadly.

Logic follows that if your ship can't turn fast enough for cannons you're going to have to fit on beams or torpedoes. (I seriously doubt there will ever be a ship that only packs mines and nothing else.)

I seriously doubt that they will invalidate the Feds and the klinks by making the Romulans noticeably stronger or have wildly stronger powers. If they do that then who will play (and pay for items from) the original two factions? That being said, apart from a few new fancy powers they're just going to be green ships that will blend in to the PvP background. Any serious PvP Romulan will just fly a JHAS.

Cryptics blind lust for the profits generated by escorts will hurt the Romulans.

So..... Oddys, Bortas, Most carriers are no good in PVP ?
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