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04-06-2013, 12:42 PM
1. More Klingon Ships
2. Ability to play as Human/Vulcan Hybrid; like Spock.
3. Ability to play as Human/Klingon Hybrid; like Bellana,
4. Ability to play as a Ktarian; like hybrid Naomi Wildman, or Etana Jol.
5. Ability to play as a Denobulan; like Doctor Phlox.
6. Voyager Era Bundle.
7. Vulcan ship D'Vahl
8. Vulcan ship T'Plana-Hath
9. A variant of the USS Enterprise-J (from ENT: "Azati Prime")
10. Hirogen hunting vessel for the Romulan faction.
11. Tier 6 ships (I'm dreaming).

BTW does anyone think that $50 is a bit extreme for a couple of ships. I can buy a game for that!