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...the only reason you can't go straight up or roll and invert is because of an arbitrary limit set on that degree of motion for the ships, not because the engine can't support it.... starships don't need to flit around like fighter jets, in fact it's less realistic if they do, but they could at least remove the limit on pitch angle so that ship can rise or dive without having to waste movement to get at targets above or below them.
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in STO, when a ship can orient itself 45 degrees "up", another 45 or 90 shouldn't be a problem since there's no gravity or aerodynamic stress
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Why should it be necessary for a Spaceship to fly up in circles like in a parking deck, to get up there.
This, this, and this. If they just changed the maximum incline/decline angle to 90, or even 89, without changing any other aspect of the controls, it would be a great improvement, and still avoid the issue of seeing upside-down ships or becoming disoriented. It's not simply a matter of being "like Star Trek" or "realistic" at all, it boils down to the fact that they are giving you a 3-D arena in which to fly, the arena has as much vertical span as it has horizontal, and therefore the next ship you want to target can in fact be directly above you, but in order for you to set your sights on it, you have to either fly in a silly looking upward spiral, or fly straight forward and upward for a while, until you think you've covered half the vertical distance, then turn around and climb the rest of the way flying back toward your target. It just feels extremely clunky.

"Captain, target sighted! Range: 40 km, bearing: 70 degrees Zulu."
"Prepare to fire."
"Sir, our impulse engines are only capable of a maximum angle of 60 degrees relative to the galactic plate. The only way we're going to be able to so much as ignite their warp exhaust is if we utilize either a serpentine attack vector, or a Paris Turn."
"Blast, I knew I never should have trusted that Ferengi shipyard dealer!"