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Originally Posted by fearlessteapot View Post
Which faction is currently doing the best at PVP, in general? I've got a KDF up to 50, but in the limited time I've played him, KDF seems to dominate the queues. Was my experience typical?
As someone who mains both sides this is pretty much typical, due to a combination of factors.

1 - Good fed players got sick of KDF cheese (like power siphons) and generally stick to FvF.

2 - Combined with point 1, FvK tends to have a LOT of new Fed players doing it. It seems to attract them, like moths to a flame. More than half of those on the fed team won't even be using tactical team. Heck I fought one cruiser whose only tanking skill was reverse shield polarity. Escorts equipped with beams, Galaxy cruisers trying to do DPS, sci-ships using jam sensors as a crutch, cats and dogs living together.

3 - Due to the amount of players and dedication required to keep playing KDF, average KDF players tend to be much better then the average Fed player. And trust me, some KDF PvPers aren't that good.

4 - Dilithium grinders see FvK as a quick way to farm it, either going AFK or making a half hearted attempt to play that makes you wonder if they're suiciding. As such, matches go by even faster.

5 - KDF ships are very pro DPS and alpha strike.

This is partly due to the cloaking device which almost causes accidental teamwork. Yeah "accidental teamwork". What looks like focusing fire is just everyone picking the same target by instinct and blowing it out of the sky.

Mostly though it's just because their ships are designed for DPS.

I found FvK matches as KDF rather boring, with huge supposedly tanky cruisers going pop when my cruiser pointed it's weapons at it. The feds seem to pop if you simply look at them. No challenge whatsoever.

Hopefully with Romulans going to make cloaking more available for the feds, along with battlecruisers, the matches may even out... I doubt it though. Still, does make me want to run a Romulan only premade in the FvK queues.
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