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Originally Posted by bobtheyak View Post
Beta mode can out-turn a bug ship sure...but have you ever tried to fight a bug ship in beta mode? The MVAM gets annihilated in one or two shots even through tac team and EPTS.
elite or maco shields with TT, EPtS2, and TSS1/2/3 are enough to hold off a bug long enough to dive above or below him wile he alphas. just got to do that every time he has CRF ready. its all about getting sky high shield res, then hitpoints stop mattering.

i beat a bug in alpha mode 1 on 1 before, several times in all the modes. dont get in a 4 DHC battle with a bug, nothing can beat a bug 4DHC vs 4 DHC. avoid his CRF and only bother shooting at him if he isnt pointing at you and between his APO. he can be handled like hes a patrol escort then, sense you actually don't have a turn rate disadvantage.

oh its not easy at all, but the MVAM is the closest thing to a match for a bug.
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