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04-06-2013, 05:59 PM
It was fun...but there are some things that have to be corrected for the next time:

- Proceeding to the semi-finals based only on total deaths is really flawed. It favors a victory with the time ending over the victory with points.
It means that 3 kills 1 death over 30 minutes is better than 15 kills 3 deaths in 15 minutes (numbers are made up).
Total kills would be better and kill/death ratio is the best solution.

- Flexible timetable (aka "Okay guys, which team is available?") for a tournament is not good enough. If a match is limited to 30 minutes top, then every match could be easily scheduled. For example: 30 minutes for fighting, 10 minutes break, repeat.

- Teams have to be fixed. Who are the members, which toons are they using. There was no rule against switching ships, toons, or even players! Not to mention that a team that can't show up in full strength should be disqualified right away (note: teams should be made 5+1 for such cases)

- Team pairing has to be fixed. Stage 1, round 3: the strongest team of Group D vs weakest of Group C (and vice versa)...kind of pointless, isn't it?

[- Klingons/OP klingon consoles should be forbidden :p But really, a full Fed vs full Klingon match would be pointless with the current scoring system]