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Originally Posted by nikoagonistes View Post
An that is the worst part of the Star Trek ethos- that part of "Gene's vision" I thoroughly and completely reject.

So, putting in Earth religions would then bring in the notion of how they would react to all the various "discoveries" of the Trek universe, so ... perhaps not mentioning them at all would be the best option overall
Atheism and Agnosticism are fast growing in our society. For a unified world government to exist, the majority of people in even the most religious countries in the world would have to become either atheistic or agnostic. Differing beliefs is one of the leading causes (if not the primary leading cause) of war and violence in this world.

There is no way the Federation would exist if enough of the world were religious to support a chapel on a startbase, and there is no way to have a chapel without favoring one religion over others. What symbolism does it have in it? With no symbolism it is just a closet.

This is what holodecks are for. This is an era when people think and do for themselves and have whatever they need at the push of a button, they do not need others to build a special room just for them. The whole idea is absurd.

In the next few hundred years humanity will either be predominantly atheist or a theocracy, our growing population and scientific understanding only supports one or the other. And a Theocracy requires some libraries to be burned down. The Star Trek Universe is clearly not the latter.