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Originally Posted by cptjhunter View Post
My opinion, religon is fiction. We are over developed monkeys, with an arrogant opinon of our own purpose in the cosmos.
Me, I'm agnostic in that I don't really know what the truth is. (Also, I don't really care.) But I'm more than happy to let everybody else have their own opinions, go to their churches and do their own thing so long as they are not hurting anybody. So please, let's have some chapels added to fleet starbases. It's a very reasonable request considering that there are indeed religious people in the Star Trek universe - whether or not anybody here admits it.

Here's the thing I don't get though. You clearly seem to think that you are entitled to your own beliefs and your own opinion (as do I). But at the same time you can't let somebody else have theirs? You are a hypocrite - pure and simple.