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Originally Posted by opheliadraegonne View Post
Differing beliefs is one of the leading causes (if not the primary leading cause) of war and violence in this world.
It's really depressing how often religion is blamed for the greed and violence of man.

Large scale wars are almost always about power and resources, though. Religion is injected into them as a rallying cry for the gullible, but is virtually never the root cause.

Religion is only ever a problem when you're uptight about it and/or ignore the usual messages of loving your neighbors or finding peace in yourself that most religions center on. As such a utopian Earth does not preclude religion, only the abuse of religion for personal material gain.

At my most cynical, Judeo-Christian belief systems may be phased out in favor of systems of belief more focused on self-discipline and discovery such as Buddhism, as those tend to be less about following the example of a single entity and more about oneself.

In any event I fail to see how a utopia precludes a spiritual system of belief.