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04-06-2013, 07:37 PM
When it comes to a chapel, I wouldn't mind seeing one. Because the military and in places like hospitals and universities, there are Interfaith Chapels that respect any and all spiritual beliefs. And easily could see one on a Federation starship or on a starbase. (Well there was a chapel on the Enterprise).

But when it comes to religion on Earth or in Starfleet, people on previous posts said it was atheistic, but really its far from it. Because time and time again Starfleet has shown they respect any and all types of religious beliefs, which are agnostic views. The only times in Star Trek you could say is athesistic is when they challenged aliens who were posing as gods or thought to be gods.

As for "no religion on Earth", I would have to disagree. Captain Robau of the Kelvin was remarked by Abrams to be Muslim, we seen references to Native American beliefs here and there, and bunch of other moments. We even saw Christmas in Generations.

The thing is, the writers didn't really wanted to refer to mainstream religions in hopes of not offending anyones beliefs at the same time of respecting all of them to show that Star Trek, all are welcome. And that's what needs to be done in STO as well. (Seen too many religious bashing in ESD zone chat).

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