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Originally Posted by born2bwild1 View Post
Why should Romulan players have dual access and Fed/Kdf players don't?
So that those of us who play romulans can put them in whatever ship we so choose at the current point in time. You are not seeing the big picture or the future plan that the current implementation allows for.

Current Situation
You can create a KDF or FED and have access to their respective shipyards.

Post Romulan Situation
You can create KDF or FED and have access to their respective shipyards, or create romulan and have acess to one or the other plus your own romulan/faction ships.

Near/Far Future Situation
You will be able to create a Romulan, Cardassian, Liberated Borg, Tribble etc or FED/KDF and have access to the base shipyard of your chosen side/ally (FED/KDF) and of your personal faction. There remains the possibility that new ships will be released at that point that only FED/KDF 'purists' can use such as race specific ships or a particular ship type.

What they should do/have done
Just like now except keep a few of the ships banned from romulan use such as the bird of prey line, flagships, and possibly racial specific ships like andorian or whatever. So they could use 4 out of 5 FED/KDF ships but not quite all.