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04-06-2013, 10:05 PM

I paid for my ship now no one else can have fun with the ship they pay for, HAHAHAHAHA.

hey I know, ok keep MVAM the way it is. but lets make all jem bug ships have 16 turn rate ok, and equip them with a console with a 10 min CD that gives them +4 turn rate, but only untill they die or go to sector. see how fast their opinion changes.

just because you paid for your ship does not mean I should not be able to use the one I PAID FOR TOO.

by the way base turn on the MVAE is 16 and beta mode gives + 15 turn rate.
pretty sure that beats the bugs 20 turn rate. HOWEVER, the MVAE sacrifices hull points, shield cap, and crew for this turn rate and is weaker. I know this because I fly one.
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