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Was testing some of the new things on tribble and ran into an issue I hope someone here can clarify.

What all damage exactly does this ability effect? Does it only effect weapon damage, single target abilities, all damage, etc. How does it truly work mechanically?

If no one knows for sure I will do my own testing but just hoping someone here already knows the answer.

Sensor Analysis is a passive ability of Federation Science Vessels and Klingon Support Vessels. While maintaining a target selection lock on an enemy less than 10km away, a stacking buff to the vessel's weapons and subsystem targeting will build to a maximum of 10 stack over approximately 60 seconds against that target. Each scan stack adds a 3.33% buff, up to a maximum of 33.3%. Switching targets has a very high chance of removing the buff, so changing targets or having sensors jammed will reset the stack.
It effects Weapon Damage, and Subsystem Targeting Attack "Damage". Meaning if you stay on target the full duration you'll Improve how much damage (after resistances) is done to a subsystem from a subsystem targeting attack, and how much weapon damage your weapons deal. I believe it only effects energy Weapon damage. It could also effect Torpedoes, but I don't believe it does.
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