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Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
Turn rate > all
when fighting escorts, especially the bug, its so true. even the aquarius with its 17 base is plenty viable really, if you can fly escorts well.

Originally Posted by loading159 View Post
by the way base turn on the MVAE is 16 and beta mode gives + 15 turn rate.
pretty sure that beats the bugs 20 turn rate. HOWEVER, the MVAE sacrifices hull points, shield cap, and crew for this turn rate and is weaker. I know this because I fly one.
not necessarily true. a bug starts with 20, and ends up around 50 with typical specing and engine speed, with no turn consoles. i think, dont have one my self.

the MVAM has 16 base, and will end up in the high 30s with no turn consoles. the +15 helps, but any turn consoles still are working off the 16 base, and it can only slot 2.

the bug still has massively more turn potential, and its easy for it to have 2 APO, not so much for the MVAM. no way to slot AtD ether on it, unlike the bug that could potentially slot 2 for the lulz.

still, the MVAM beta is the closest thing to a bug. and its not even that close really, nothing is.
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