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04-07-2013, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by drudgy View Post
I tried the same. So far the game doesn't think @grandstudent1 exists. So if you can read this Sargon, I would love to get my rewards for attending the 4 sessions. Naz was my coach for the first 3 sessions, but deadpool was for the last one. I was probably one of the only people flying a Galaxy-X. My @handle is @kahn. I really have no further proof than that, other than my registration posts for the 4 sessions.

Please investigate and let me know. Thanks!

edit: I noticed it was @gradstudent1 instead of grandstudent... I sent an in-game message as well.
I have been receiving emails from most of you and will be answering them shortly.

@gradstudent1 is the correct @handle. Otherwise, just send me a "real" email at my Gmail account:

My apologies to you all, again, for the attendance mistakes. A number of explanations could be given (student showing up late and the coach forgetting to add the player to attendance, coach forgetting attendance, etc.), but we will work with you to confirm the days that aren't showing up on our records.

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