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Originally Posted by trygvar13 View Post
The Klingon augments were an experiment (failed) and there was only a handful of them. The disease they carried infected millions of Klingons and created the TOS Klingons. So I don't see the point of having a playable race that died out weeks after it was created... If all you want is a TOS Klingon with dreads than the AlienGen is your friend
Well, to be fair I think zanfrominus does not mean augmented Klingons but does not know how to refer to them in any other way aside from TOS Klingons or augments.
Very few people around here are familiar with the term QuchHa'.

There are two interesting things to consider: even after the supposed "fix" for the effects of the augment virus, there were still some strange variations among the Klingons.
For example Klaa from Star Trek V has the familiar Klingon crest but a human looking chest
While Kurn in "Sons of Mogh" has a completely different chest.
So it appears there are still Klingons around who have only a "reconstructed" crest but are still QuchHa'.
It's possible the "fix" B'vat brought to the past does not work on all of them.
Perhaps after a generation or two some of then changes have become dominant in some of the Klingon offspring and can't be "treated away.
And of course there's ample evidence in the Fed campaign that the Klingons are still experimenting with augmentation of some sort.