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04-07-2013, 06:43 AM
As I can't play the game, I'll post an RL example...

To set the scene... Last summer, my wife and I were invited to one of her loser friend's wedding... The bride is a whiny ***** who complains about everything in her life, despite having opportunities that most people would kill for, and the groom is a complete D-Bag who serves in the navy, so fortunately, never around much, but when he is, only ever condescends to her friends who work in retail. Total ****nut, and the kind of person I doubt anyone would miss if he was to go overboard on maneuvers... Anyway, I went along as it was something to do for a day, and promised free food and drink ^_^ Jump forward a few months, and the Bride is moaning on facebook (again) about how much her life sucks. Feeling in a generous mood, I thought I would actually bite and ask her what was wrong, only for my message to be seen, and then ignored. I wouldn't have minded if she'd replied and just said "I'd rather not talk about it," but to post up statuses trolling for sympathy, and then ignore an enquiry, that really pissed me off... I wouldn't've minded if I'd've asked if her groom was tasty with his fists or if she liked it kinky, but it was literally just an enquiry, so to be ignored for that, yeah, that was probably the funniest thing I've been ignored for...