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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Sargon supplied me with the first batch of names and attendance records. Those who were marked as being there all 4 sessions were sent an in-game email from me earlier in the week -- it contained a congratulatory message and codes to redeem your graduation gift If you were not emailed and were at all 4 sessions, please reach out to Sargon so he can investigate and let me know.

Congrats to all our grads!! The devs and I are very proud of you all and are grateful for your support.


Brandon =/\=

I attended all four sessions:

For PVP Boot Camp Number 2 Reg Number is: 469
For PVP Boot Camp Number 2 Reg Number is: 16
For PVP Boot Camp Number 3 Reg Number is: 3
For PVP Boot Camp Number 4 Reg Number is: 15

Unfortunately I have not received any in game email!



Edit: Email Sent to Sargon. Thanks.
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