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In which case, it's worth mentioning that in real life there has not been a single advance in submarine detection since WW2. Indeed, neither the Americans nor the Russians can track their own submarines even when they know where they are. So the idea of a continual Red Queen arms race doesn't actually always hold up in fact.
Just not accurate at all. Subs can be found and tracked. Since WW2, sonars have moved from active sonar to passive sonar for instance. Active is better at locating other ships, but it betrays your current position. However, the development in passive sonars had reached the point where it was more advantagous to find you enement without giving away your own position. Sonar bouys did not exist in WW2. Nor did the ability of submarines to stay underwater for months at a time. And the most important submarine development of all time would be the ballistic missile. Complete game changer for the Cold War.

Stealth and detection do revolve around technology. Something to consider is that the US is the only naval superpower today. So there isn't much of an arms race at the moment. Up to the 1980's, however, both sides were trying to track the other's ballistic missile submarines all the time. Red October isn't voodoo science, both sides tried to develop that kind of technology. The goal was slipping submarines under the nose of an opponent inside 200 miles off a major city. Apparently, it was hard to do

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You point about the cloak merely being a device to tell a particular story is a good one, however. In fact, everyone commenting on these and similar issues should bare that in mind. The writers of Trek did not set out to build a perfectly coherent, consistent universe. They set out to tell stories, and resorted to many expediencies, and some idiocies, to do so.

Therefore it is an exercise in futility to set up faithfulness to the canon as the yardstick top measure a game. A game HAS to be more coherent, more consistent than a story, because the audience for a game is inside it, bushing buttons and twiddling knobs. You can;t control what the audience, the players, do, in the same way you can control what a linear stories audience sees.

Let the game be the game. Sometimes games can even feed back into a franchise because they do have to impose such higher standards for consistency - the material West End Games wrote for the Star Wars RPG ended up being used by George Lucas himself as reference material.
Ok I agree with this. One could argue that STO could at least try to stick to canon a little more though. Its not necessary to recreate the JHAS as the greatest escort of all time other than a plain grab for money. Most divergences that bug people in STO are in the interest of money grabs, not in making better gameplay experience, IMO.