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04-07-2013, 06:47 AM
You know? I am as annoyed with the way Cryptic is handling the addition of the Romulan faction as much as anyone else who is annoyed with it. But calling for a boycott is just plain selfish and immature.

Like it or not, this is just a game. Cryptic makes it more and more clear that this is how they think of it. They refuse to try to even attempt to make it as STAR TREK game beyond the superficial. That particular message has been etched in stone for a while now.

It is clear that no matter how much this community asks nicely, begs desperately, or demands angrily, Cryptic is going to do what they will do. We have two choices. Accept it and keep playing, trying to find whatever enjoyment we can, or we can reject it, stop playing and find our gaming enjoyment elsewhere. Of course the third option of pointlessly bucking the system remains, but it won't accomplish anything.

We need to grow up and deal.
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