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04-07-2013, 06:54 AM
I really hope that this isnt a simple pop-up that you get when you hit level ten. and basically "Do you want to liaison with the FED's, or the KDF?"

I hope its a large mission, maybe even one that might require teaming. an idea i came up with was something like this.

The alliance creation would have dignitaries and big wigs from all the sides (maybe even admiral quinn and J'mpok) at a small world in romulan space. mainly because they didn't want to have it on new romulus for security reasons. anyway your character is supposed to help out with security. when arriving at the system you'd run into fed and kdf fleets (maybe even using lesser used ships, like the gorn, nausican, caitian, andorian, etc ships just to make things more different) these fleets would be lead by the enterprise and Botasqu' to show that both sides are taking this rather seriously.

Once on the ground the mission would be about d'tan negotiation with both sides and the Fed/KDF diplomats explaining why their side would be better than the other, when that's done until you trigger the next phase of the mission you could walk around and talk to other diplomats and such getting their opinions on things, maybe even have shon and the Bortasqu' captain there and throw in their own military opinions.

The next part of the mission would be the conference being attacked. With this many members of the KDF and Federation higher-ups in one place, this would be a good opportunity for the undine to attack and try and replace several of these people. during repelling the ground attack you can interact with the famous npcs, with j'mpok and quinn possibly being the rallying area for the two sides, and learning that undine hsips are inbound but the captains of the enterprise and bortasqu aren't responding and you have to find them (maybe even make it optional, if you don't find them, you don't get the support of the Enterprise or Bortasqu in the space portion). once the ground attack is repelled you'd beam upto your ship.

In the space portion you'd run into the fed/kdf and romulan security ships fighting off the undine ships. during the fight the fleets are decimated, leaving the flagships of the fleets, and your character as the lone survivors. so if you didn't help the enterprise or Bortasqu crews out on the ground, it would just be you and a scimitar or D'deridex.

Though when you think the missions over, you get interrupted by a Tal Shiar fleet dropping out of warp and taking advantage of the situation and tries to stop the alliance and take out the leadership of the fledgeling republic. for plot reasons the three flagships get taken out (scimitar can implode, the other two escape after taking heavy damage) and its jsut you to hold the fleet off until reinforcements (in the form of a combined fed/kdf fleet) can arrive.

when the fightings over, both sides praise you for your actions and would willingly accept you as an ally. then the player makes their choice, thus ending the mission.

I feel such a mission would help explain with in game reasons as to why certain things are happening the way they are.

After all, it could be believed that those romulan ships that were destroyed by the Tal'Shiar/Undine were a majority of the romulans ships (aside maybe the new romulus defense fleet) which could explain the need for aid and why they might be allowed to use their allies ships, after all the ships would be needed to help bolster their military strength which is rather lacking at the moment.
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