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04-07-2013, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
It is clear that no matter how much this community asks nicely, begs desperately, or demands angrily, Cryptic is going to do what they will do. We have two choices. Accept it and keep playing, trying to find whatever enjoyment we can, or we can reject it, stop playing and find our gaming enjoyment elsewhere. Of course the third option of pointlessly bucking the system remains, but it won't accomplish anything.

We need to grow up and deal.
You realize that Cryptic does alot of the things that members of this community ask nicely, beg desperately, and demand angrily. This community asked for a Federation Carrier so many times that the flamewars that ensued were the stuff of legend, and this community also said that Starfleet would never make a carrier. The Atrox, a Caitian Carrier, is in game. This community asked for a Klingon Cruiser that's tactically oriented, the Fleet Vorcha fits the bill nicely. This community asked for a T5 K'tinga, a T5 Nova with tactical orientation, and a T5 Akira with launch bay pets. All of those things happened. This community asked for ships to represent the navy's of the Klingons conquered species, those happened. This community asked for a Romulan faction, and it's on its way. Hell, I personally asked for a Fleet Escort, we call them Patrol Escorts now, with an adjustable ensign station because I wanted a science ensign but liked the way the Dervish looked. That happened.

The problem isn't that Cryptic doesn't listen to us. The problem is that Cryptic gives us what we want, but can't always give it to us in the way that we'd like.