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# 42 Twin officers looking to RP
04-07-2013, 07:04 AM

My friend and I are looking to find a RP fleet out there and kinda like the look of things you guys have. We're RPing twin fleet officers, an idea we have carried out very well in GW2.

We've only been playing STO for a week ( late to the party I guess) and both have a good deal of MMO and RP backgrounds - GW2, tabletop RPG, SWTOR (I know, go home, I'm drunk... but as a "fan" I was left devestated at just how bad their F2P is compared to STO).

Anyways, we're currently zinging between guild commitments for RP on GW2 and playing STO and levelling our characters. Working on a background for them so possibly not quite RP ready just yet but willing to dive in the deep end.

Will work on bio and stuff, can contact me Jaiden Saren@hannman for a chat Thanks.