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If you scroll down to the production notes, we learn that the D'Deridex model used in TNG: Tin Man was different than the B-Type used in TNG: Defector. So given the B-type came before TNG: Defector, one could say that the B-Type was the name Starfleet given D'Deridex's, before they learned the official name. That or the B-Type was the second production models of the D'Deridex and the D'Deridex we know are the C-Type. (Similar to how modern fighters go like F-15A, F-15B, F-15-C, etc).

But with "Warbird Battlecruiser", again it's stupid Cryptic slapping two ship types names like they did. It's no different saying something like "Cruiser Destroyer" or "Frigate Escort
OK first off the D'Deridex is a battlecruiser not a battleship scimitar is a romulan battleship

And refering to warplane designations was not a great analogy

The F-15 just like many warplanes has many variants one for more ground attack one for spyplane one for electronic warfare etc etc.

Using and letter designation at the end of the F-15 (or whatever warplane) such as F-15 A etc etc helps distinguish them from one another so its far easier to deploy them.

Also helps assinging them to the proper theatre of battle .

If they release a D'Deridex battleship later then they could add a designation like lets say D'Deridex B-Type (I used B-Type as an example only) this would distinguish between the battlecruiser and the battleship of the D'Deridex class.