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04-07-2013, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by jermbot View Post
The problem isn't that Cryptic doesn't listen to us. The problem is that Cryptic gives us what we want, but can't always give it to us in the way that we'd like.
That is an accurate statement. However, the likelihood of the Romulan aspect changing very much, if at all, is slim. They have poured months of work into it and the sort of changes people seem to be wanting would require redesigning the system, because the system is currently designed around what they currently have.

So I don't see our asking, begging or demanding having an impact this time...

I could be wrong, and it would be nice if I am. But I have a strong feeling I am right on this.
There are many problems with STO that only the Devs can fix. And they should...
At the same time, there are many problems that we are perfectly capable of fixing ourselves. And we should...