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Originally Posted by lordinsane View Post
I hope for a mission, but if I may be honest, one that might require teaming would be a no - after all you need to make the choice to get the rest of the missions (as well as large portions of other game-content), so it's not like you can just skip the mission as you can with other missions if you get stuck on them, which rather increases the annoyance of being stuck on a mission because you can't find anyone willing to team up with you (or, alternatively, are just a solitary player by nature).
and that is why i said a "maybe"

hell, if they did the mission well enough, could technically make a level 50 version and make it an STF Styyle mission on the harder version. just have to tweak it a bit so that it doesnt trigger the faction based choice so people dont use it to swap factions.

also, the original (not STF style one should they decide to make one) would be un repeatable and if you group with someone doing it again, you dont get the choice popup so you cant switch factions.
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