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Originally Posted by captainmal3 View Post
So despite the fact that I don't even want your precious fleet ships, if I were to join your fleet I wouldn't be allowed my fleet D'deridex either? Seeing as there's no way to seperate them. Right, won't be joining your fleet then. Seriously the only thing you're 'losing' is a ship token, and since the romulan would have to put in resources to earn the fleet creds needed you're not even really losing that.

Stop trying to screw over other players please?
First off - my suggestion was just that - a suggestion. It is up to each individual fleet leader to make the choices for their fleet.

My point remains the same - what is availible for 1 fleet member should be availible for ALL -PERIOD. No exceptions.

I believe this is a fundemental policy that fleets should follow. Cryptic wants extra sales and therefore believes the new faction/class should be "special" - this could create problems in the fleet, annomosity, jealously, etc - and sets a bad precedent going down the Line.

One of the more notable and very much "Cryptic fanboy" on this thread believes the solution is to lock-off fleet ships of the ally - and just allow access to the Fleet Romulan ships. This is a perfectly reasonable and sane solution. Therefore all Romulans will have access to what they should: Romulan Fleet ships! (sorry jexsamx - you did refer to yourself once as a fanboy - unless they piss you off then you go medieval on their behind - but definitely one of the more sensible people on the forums)

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