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# 11 Same problem here...
04-07-2013, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by strorus View Post
This is the webstie the launcher is directing me to...

Originally Posted by tornlin View Post
Im having the exact same problem, any help would be appreciated, im also in scotland.

i've loaded the game client seperately and when i put in my password and username it goes to connect then tells me that the connection to the account server has timed out.

i played the game on friday and there have been no patches or changes to my computer in that time, i've also restated the computer a few times just to make sure its not a loading issue my end.

I am also having the same problems, managed to get on (briefly) earlier today. But when I try to load the launcher I get "Loading. Please Wait." After awhile it then redirects me to the same website mentioned above.
Devs please help us!!!