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04-07-2013, 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by wayofdera View Post
Ships look great dev team! On another note, as much as the Scimitar would be a great ship to have as a Captain, due to the awesome magnitude of the vessel, in both size and firepower...I fear Cryptic would not be able to give it justice in specs, due to fair play for both the Federation and Klingons. If it was created, it would have to be dulled down...which may be more disappointing then anything.
I've been thinking about that myself. I think a good way to handle it would be to leave the full blown Scimitar as an NPC ship. Cryptic could then create their own Scimitar inspired version for players. The justification would be that the Scimitar was a prototype and only a few of them were made, which is why they stay as NPC ships. The ones that the players would get would be more of a production model similar to how cars are made today. I think that would be a reasonable compromise.

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