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04-07-2013, 10:02 AM
I'm a new player, picking this game up after being to terribly disappointed with SWTOR (EA KMA).... Anyways, I have had a week of seriously fun, uninterrupted game play, loving every minute of it - until today.
Since around 3pm UK time, I have been unable to get back into the game. 2 hours of "cannot connect to server XXX seconds" over and over and over.
Every other game on my PC runs fine. I was playing earlier today absolutely fine, right til 3pm, then I got booted to the character select screen and then all the same troubles everyone else is having.
Kinda disappointed right now that I cannot get online to advance, as I have been stunned at how much better than SWTOR it is.... and I am a bit of a SW fanboy...
Just seems a real shame that there is no offical notification about this issue when so many people are having it. Oh well, a few more attempts to get in game and then I think it'll be back to Guild Wars 2 for a day.