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04-07-2013, 10:40 AM
I have run the Dreadnought as an offensive tank with the advanced shield repair drones and 4x RCS consoles. I was getting just under 14* turning, just enough to do a pretty good job of keeping 180* cannons on target and coming around to launch a torpedo HY/TS volley.

I am running the Jem'Hadar MK XII space kit and Phased Polaron weapons.

It's not bad and you can use the shield repair bets almost like a heal. When you're shields are starting to take a beating, hit evasive maneuvers to turn and run and deploy the shield drone. They can heal ya up pretty fast and usually survive.

I tested it on a Tarantula ship in one of the ALERTs and I was able to get right into the thick of it, dish out DPS and survive.

However, while it was kinda fun, it's not as exciting as taking my Chimera into the same fight, but I can't get in there and slug it out.

I like the Dreadnought. I'm looking forward to better fighter pets once I level up to tier 5.