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04-07-2013, 11:05 AM
For the umpteenth time, weddings are not necessarily religious ceremonies. The fact that people get married in Star Trek does not mean religion still exists. The fact that they get married in a room with a lectern does not make that a chapel. There have never been any clergy depicted in Starfleet. The Federation weddings we have seen have all been civil ceremonies. They have nothing to do with religion.

And as far as 'non-denominational' goes, I find it interesting that these 'non-denominational' chapels all have a lectern up front and rows of seats. Meaning, they're designed like small Protestant Christian churches. They aren't designed like Roman Catholic chapels, or Eastern Orthodox chapels. They look a little like a least an American one (whose design was highly influenced by...that's right...Protestant churches). They look nothing like a mosque or Islamic prayer space.

Having rows of seats, a central lectern, and blank walls in a religiously labeled place like a chapel is a Protestant chapel. It is no less sectarian than it would be if you had rows of prayer rugs and a chanters stand instead. Or if you had a big row of Russian icons in the front. Protestant Christianity is just so ingrained as the majority religion in the U.S. that it passes for 'generic'.