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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
Hurts you in what way?

Granted APD. Will increase resistance and damage however the most invaluable use of APO I find is making gravwells tractors and other annoying/cheese and spam useless

The damage part is a bonus but most of my damage comes from tac powers

Plus the speed and turn boost is something I can't do without being a gumby fighting much faster Turning bugs and defiants

I could be wrong but that's the way I see it

My opinion on what the thread was originally about is - it would be stupid to nerf the bug when you think of how much crazy real life money people have spent on them

However boosting the other ships around it should be done as and when the devs can(not saying the bug is op and not saying it can't be beaten with other shipsand not saying other ships should be brought to its level)

When you think of the negative survivability the Mvae takes to move a higher rate just shows how much it needed a boost of some sort
I use APO 3, APD 2, and two con officers that reduce , APO, APB, APD all by 15%
when this combo is used I get APO every 15 seconds
when I use APO x 2 with those two con officers I found I could not use APO as often even thoguh I had two. (unless this changed recently)

and the MVAM has always been able to get 31 turn with its console since it was released, just now the pilot has more choice when he/she wants to use it and not use it. also I do not see how it is unfair, the buff to turn rate makes the ship weaker like a bop anyway.
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