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04-07-2013, 11:53 AM
The rows of seats at Dallas Love are all folding chairs. I'm sure they could be re-arranged into any configuration in about 30 seconds. Or removed entirely with the lecturn if that's what the users wanted. Then it's just a room set aside for spiritual purposes.

As for the fellow who decided that the sins of the father in regards to religion deem any present or future religion be condemned, shall I post examples of the tens of millions of people killed in the last 100 years in the name of science? Quite a few shocking examples that go beyond the Holocaust and Great Purges, even, if not in terms of quantity like the aforementioned. Did you know that up until the 1960's, vivisection was a growing trend in American medical circles? Or that Project MkUltra kidnapped people and expirimented upon them? It only gets more shocking from there.

People cause these problems, and they get their rationale from their own twisted views. Whether it's religion or the expansion of science, they abused such to meet their own ends. Do not lump someone like Ghandi in with the likes of the Inquisition. It's very closed-minded.