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04-07-2013, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by magusofborg View Post
Umm, no. The purpose of a sub or LTS is to make cryptic money. There's too many ways to get free zen to makes this a profitable option for Cryptic.
Umm,so you are one of those people who think the zen from the dilithium market comes from god?Well heres something that will shock comes from people who already PAID for it.

Also I dont care who gets what ,I will never use a credit card online.If they want my money for a sub fine if not again fine.Till now I bought all zen through steam by using steam wallet.

P.s. Im one of those who had an account in 2010....cryptic found about the hacked data base in yes ,I will never use a credit card even if God starts adding Free Zen on dilithium market.