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04-07-2013, 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
It has higher sustain/dogfighter damage potential than a BoP, and if iirc particular the Fleet MVAE has a much higher base hull and shield mod not sure if the console's hull/shield reductions bring it in line w/Raiders anymore. In addition to the AP reduction doffs, EPtX doff reductions could be used w/a slot to boost w/e Sci skill is slotted.

Still, idk that it's any more dangerous than a Bug, Andorian ships, or even Aux2batt Heavy Escort Carriers.

Sci B'rels still have a Sci spam role and there's still a couple of unique Alpha combos only a Raider can pull off, but those are fewer and fewer these days.

The dog fighting days of raiders has been over for awhile now, this change doesn't help/hurt that style of play in the bigger picture.
Ah now we are getting down to play style I suppose. but thats for another thread.

Im curious if people will use saucer sep more with this change though?
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