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Originally Posted by johnsteward View Post
ACT is just to slow in parsing to be really usefull
That's comical. It's more than useful. It's practically the bible.

Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
I have the same issue, ACT doesn't even show the times of the encounter, tho it captures and displays the data correctly if left running in the background while a battle is going on in STO. Once the log is closed and re-opened it again displays no data other than a idle log message and some sort error. STOICS opens the log just fine and all the sessions are there as well as the data but it's tricky pulling out the useful data. So I also seemed to have missed an important setup step.
I have tried a few things and I cannot reproduce this issue. I am sorry it is not working..

You could try and use the alternative method of the internal timer 6 sec shutoff in between encounters but then you have to merge multiple sections together inside the ACT interface to get a complete picture of your performance.

Also I find that the timer method is more practical for the large maps when you spend more time flying around. where in ISE, it's less important. I will amend the guide with both ways,
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