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Originally Posted by dova25 View Post
"the MVAM has 16 base, and will end up in the high 30s with no turn consoles. the +15 helps, but any turn consoles still are working off the 16 base, and it can only slot 2."

Brel has 21 base turn and i admit i don't have a MVAM but from figures you posted it seems 15+16=31
Is something I am missing ?
the +15 is a flat increase, it doesn't change its base turn rate to 31. thats why on something like the galaxy class, when it separates turn consoles still do almost no increase in turning

a ship with a base of 16 turn rate after typical specing is at LEAST at 31 turn already. the beta section will end up at about 50 turn, which is bug territory. a bug with several turn consoles, all multiplying off a base 20 turn rate, will have a dramatically higher effect per turn console though
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