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Originally Posted by constellus View Post
but iam like paper in STF's or PvP,
That's odd. The ship has hull and shields competitive with other escorts at its level. I think it might be your BOFF power choices.

my tact,engi or sci toons are allmost the same,i get destroy very easy on STF's,
Again, this is odd. I find that Tactical captains get attack patterns to put on their BOFFs that usually carry both a DPS boost and at least one defensive boost with them, as well as Go Down Fighting. And Engineers get Rotate Shield Frequency, Miracle Worker and EPS boost that all have defensive capabilities. Science gets Subnucleonic Beam, which is still to this day magic bananas in PvP. I'm wondering what's up with your gameplay experiences.

i have try almost everything,from change skills,talents or items, field generators,Neutronium Alloys, shield skills or hull skills, not diferent att all,
Changing any and/or all of those things would definitely have an impact. So I think you might be glitched. For example if you change from Tractor Beam to Hazard Emitters on either a Universal Ensign BOFF or Science Ensign BOFF, you'd change the defensive capability of your ship in both PvE and PvP. If you went from Emergency Power to Engines to Emergency Power to Shields in an Engineering Ensign slot there would be a difference. There's a huge difference between Sensor Scan and Miracle Worker.

iam like inside a nebula without shields all the time,do you guys got the same problem ?
Nope. I fly the Charal on my Tactical Vulcan Vice Admiral. It does amazing in Elite STFs. And I have fun in Kerrat from time to time. I'm not really a fan of space PvP so I don't care if I kill or get killed. I'm much more dedicated to Ground PvP.

its suppost to be like this ?
Yeah, the ship pretty much does what it's designed to do.

do you have any tips ?
Yes! For maximum survivability take an engineer and fly a science or operations Odyssey, a Fleet Galaxy or a Fleet Star Cruiser. You'll be a space whale, but very resistant to all those ahabs with their harpoons gunning for you.