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04-07-2013, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by voxinvictus View Post
It's sad that that Bortasqu is used as a benchmark for the success of KDF ships. This flagship is outperformed in every area by any other T5 ship. Why would most players want to buy it?

Who thought that KDF players, who are used to having nimble, high turn rate cruisers, would want a space whale? Or maybe put a different way: if KDF players are going to fly a space whale, why wouldn't they fly a Voquv?
Judging from the sheer numbers of other KDF C-Store ships, especially the Guramba, the Fleet Ships like the Fleet Torkhat/Vor'Cha, there's no excuse for Cryptic to slack off on more KDF ships.

Cryptic can't expect to see too much money from other factions, to include the upcoming Romulan faction, if their work and effort into them are half a**ed. They've slacked off on the KDF for 3 years, and now the upcoming Romulans aren't even half the faction that the KDF was from the beginning of STO.