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# 1 The Feedback Conglomeration
04-07-2013, 12:47 PM
So, I've been playing stuff on Tribble for quite a while now (since the new UI launched). Having toyed with it, I have feedback on various issues. As I play through it, I'll update this post.

  • I really do love the new UI. It DOES seem more Trek. It also doesn't seem as... in-your-face like the Live UI. The only drawback I had at the start was that it was somewhat difficult to notice the shield bars in space, but this has been remedied.
  • One thing, however, that I dislike, is having your BOff on a viewscreen when talking to them, even if they're supposed to be on the bridge with you. Still, the new chat window is neat.
  • Loving the red flashing when in combat. It's so neat, and some places are really subtle and slick (for instance, the Interacting bar - THAT is nice).
  • The ability to swivel your character/ship/BOff in the Character status window is neat, if a little bugged (If you have a Deflector with special visuals, and they're turned on, they sometomes appear between your character's feet - funny, but probably not intentional).
  • New Login/character select is EPIC. Kinda like the light beam. Small bug: If you have a default Shuttle, it will appear over your character instead of their ship.
  • Character creator is nice, but buggy (options sometimes get stuck - you can't change them).

Warp Cores:
  • Nice concept overall, but I haven't really been able to test these. There's no Test Vendor for them, and their drop rate is INCREDIBLY low.
  • Power bonuses are not working at the moment - only giving 1 bonus power instead of 5.
  • Can't wait for Rommies to go online, even got a Singularity core ready for testing. Really curious about this "Singularity charge."

Romulan Space NPCs:
  • Not much has changed, but the death animation is neat.
  • T'varo Light Warbird knockback from their Core implosion MIGHT need to be toned down a little - Just a touch too big for their size. That being said, the Scimitar knockback seems a little weak for ITS size.

  • Cutting the Cord is brilliant, even though the changes are minor. The final cutscenes are wonderful, but slightly bugged. Sela is invisible when Hakeev talks to her.
  • While I have yet to replay the Devidian missions on the new Drozona, I think the new map is brilliant. I like that all those consoles for the second mission are on the same map.
  • I'm somewhat disappointed in Cryptic giving Fed missions to the KDF. Instead of new content, we get hand-me-downs. It's half the Cardassian arc and the rest of the Borg arc (those, however, aren't hooked up properly yet), and it's only minor changes to some dialogue (Seeds of Dissent makes 0 sense). Although, I have to say, many of the Cardassian missions are LAUGHABLY easy with a B'rel Retrofit. The Long Night and Forging Bonds, especially, are examples of this.

  • In my honest opinion, the new traits are some of the biggest balance changes in the game thusfar. They're quite brilliant. Engineers and science officers have quite a bit more power than before through the new Class traits.
  • Science Officers, if played right, can become QUITE powerful with relative ease. Between Conservation of Energy and Photonic Capacitor, they'll become far more fun. Medical Vanguard is pretty good as a support ability, too.
  • The new Engineering traits are all brilliant. All of them. The Space Traits, especially.
  • The new version of Go Down Fighting is both fitting, and balanced, and the trait makes it even better, while not being broken. Crippling Fire doesn't seem to be working, however. On the ground, a Split Beam Rifle and Grenade Satchel kit is almost guaranteed to wipe out trash mobs thanks to Situational Awareness. Strike Team Specialist is easy to sustain, and nice to have in a firefight.

Overall, Legacy of Romulus is shaping up to be incredibly fun. Despite bugs and some drawbacks, I'm very much looking forward to it.
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