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04-07-2013, 01:18 PM
not fast enough for DHCs with 6 turn rates. with 4 RCSs i think you can get like 10-12 and still a little low for DHCs (and you have to lose 4 engineering consoles).
in pve you can use 4x RCS and DHCs but will be frustrating in stfs. you won't be able to protect the kang alone in the cure 'cuz you have to turn 180 decrees too many time and your evasive maneuvers has a big coldown.
in pvp tractor beam is very usefull but it's not very helpfull for your DHCs. people will break it very easy with polorize the hull, jam sensors or scramble sensors. in addition even if you have 4 RCS mk xii purple you can't hit a bug ship with your DHCs. it was almost imposible with a vesta and it will be almost imposible with the dread.
dread is a tank and tanking with only your front shields will get you killed, expacially if you don't have any res engineering consoles. if you use DHCs and you have to turn around to keep your shields up your dps will drop a lot.

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