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04-07-2013, 01:20 PM
Consoles provide passive enhancement ("+% damage to weapon", "+% to defenses", "+Something to Something else").

Devices provide active abilities ("launch work bees", "cloak ship", "activate ablative armor").

And then we have Universal Consoles which add active abilities and have really interesting names like Cloaking DEVICE, Manheim DEVICE, Transwarp Computer and a variety of other things (

Universal consoles blur the line between the two functional sets and then we end up with ships that have 10 console slots instead of 9 and the rest of the "Pay 2 Win" avalanche.

In the past I have been a proponent of separating passive from active abilities within consoles and devices; the developers almost certainly won't acknowledge the legitimacy of this "situation" though they undoubtedly know they created it and then exploited it as is particularly evident by the "3 PACK" nonsense.