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Here are some if you like:

Title: ?The Sky Above, The Clouds Below?

Faction: Federation

Level: Any

Description: Your ship has been assigned to a patrol sweep of the Tau6 Eridani system in the Pi Canis Sector Block. This system is under non-interference directive protection, but is close to the fluid Pi Canis front lines in the ongoing Klingon War. While you are doing your patrol duties, on the protected planet a native astronomer observes your craft which puts into motion a series of events which you observe as a ?fly on the wall? in between episodes of your ship pursuing those who would cause trouble for the protected planet.

Author?s Note: This story is designed to unfold as if you were part of a television episode, your actions are interactive for the Star Fleet portion?for the native species interludes you are reading dialog and following the planet-side storyline, however if you wish to skip this you can simply click ?End Dialog? and move on to the next Star Fleet scene.

Title: ?Scepter of Minos?

Faction: Federation

Level: Any

Description: Your ship has been temporarily assigned to a the 95th Tactical Group, part of the Nausicaan home world blockade forces and considered the ?tip of the spear? of the blockade. There is an upcoming ?surge? to sweep the local Nausicaan factions from the region around their home system so as to cut down on the infiltration of Klingon Empire forces that have been penetrating deep into Federation space via the Nausicaan ?outlaw trail? of secret back routes and transwarp gates.

Mission Name: Legend of the Inspector General
Author: Malize
Faction: Klingon
Level: 16+

Enemy activity has been reported near the Chos Nebula, you are to investigate and destroy any enemies found.

This mission is partially a homage to Theodore Cogswell and his famous short story ?The Spectre General?

BEWARE: This Mission has an exceptionally difficult ground combat scene.

Title: ?Grapok in the Generals Lung?

Faction: Klingon

Level: Any

Description: A pathetic Gorn scientist-chef and wild-eyed old warrior make a routine trip to the frontlines a dangerous task for you and your crew.
Speak to Artok in the Klingon Academy bunker to begin.

Author?s Note: Bring your blade and fight like a real Klingon.
Real Sector Maps - Online Atlas - for Star Trek/STO
Foundry Missions:
Scepter of Minos * Grapok in the Generals Lung * The Sky Above, The Clouds Below * Legend of the Inspector General (16+) * Miridoor (41+) * Survival Must Be Earned (a Klingon Romeo and Juliet story)