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Originally Posted by elcapitannx01 View Post
With STO being the only source of new star trek content (besides the movies) I really would like to see a new deep-space mission starting@STO. You can think about it as a long, instanced featured episode with persistent progress between the episodes.

Cryptic is setting the main story line, which expands to new stations in a new sector/quadrant on a weekly bases. This main story line is synced, every one playing the same missions. Between those missions (as Enterprise F travels from X to Y) we are doing some preliminary things, what maybe some small missions, craft weapons or equipment to be prepared for the coming fight/encounter. Maybe we are negotiating, trading etc...The outcome of our work between those missions should affect our next mission in the main story line, by giving us some buff, hot, bof, weapons etc.

So the main story line should be very streamlined, but the missions between should be very open. There should be a discussion between the players how to prepare best for the next encounter and not some npc, starfleet contact or item set decide for us. Maybe it would be best to focus research (per Doffs) to resist those energy weapons the enemy had and develop a new shield (Crafting). Or maybe it would be better to gain for some help by other species in the sector...The multiple oppurtunities also makes this content replayable.

I also would like to think about permadeath in that regard, that if your ship is destroyed, you will need to get a new one from starfleet and you will have to start your journey from the beginning. Not everyone should endure a deep-space missions (maybe there could be some wormholes etc. on a monthly bases so respawn-frustration will be limited).

I don`t know how much time and money could be invested in this but I would like to point out the oppurtunity CBS doing some part of the missions per video (something like Defiance atm) and offering it us for some money. Of course there should also be a text-based mission outcome so noone needs to pay anything. There are also plenty of teams out there doing some Star Trek fanfiction, which could be hired for the job. If done right, this could be the first interactive Star Trek series!
someone has been playing too much starcraft 2 and EVE online recently with some RTS elements added. the issue of perma death and heading back home on a cargo ship to get another ship from your own ec? there will be a lot of angry people especially the c-store types who will have to invest millions and millions to get their ship back, the ship equipment, weapons and consumables, the whole nine yards, permadeath is not an option its bad enough the respawn timer is the way it is.