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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
Whilst I would fully support bringing back Enterprise, I really can't see the cast being up for it again. I can't remember his name without looking, but the actor who played the good doctor stated in an interview that he has no interest in returning if the show gets a 5th season; then again, that was some time ago, so there's always the chance he changed his mind.

The question though; would a new show be a prequel to the season #4 ending, or a continuation? If I remember rightly, that episode had the Enterprise decommissioned. Can't really have a show called 'Enterprise' when they're serving on a ship with a different name.

But yeah, a 5th season would have my support, but I can't realistically see it happening, not now. The dust has settled, and (as much as it pains me to say) they should probably leave it be.

What we need is a brand new show; another reboot that doesn't tie in to either Abram-verse, or Roddenberry-verse. They just need to implement such without the use of time travel, cause that always fails unless you're The Doctor.
you are forgetting the awful timetravelling the thing that started the demise of ENT in the first place. who is to say the enterprise was retired after 15 years of service.

its not just ent i want returned, but b5 crusade only had 13 episodes and there was DSV and firefly as well.. i also wouldnt mind seeing a spinoff of farscape either.